Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OMG, what I have to do?

I'm so tired and don't want to study. I have all my exams next week and I promise I'm really trying to sit down, take my notes and start, but is being impossible. Instead of that I'm making pics with my new mac pro. It's quite funny this program. When I was making the pics I was thinking what I have to do next year. It's all so complicated. I only have 9 subjects left to do this year and I finally finish my two careers. I want to go abroad, maybe to London. I've never been there but I have friends that, right now, are studying there and they're really happy. I want to do a kind of course there, before doing my master while I improve my english. Maybe I'll go to the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. I don't know which course I want to do, but It has to be related to fashion. It's something that I know since I was kid as I said the previous post. The thing is that I'm quite scared about that because is a really difficult world, so thats why I don't know if I'm going to do it or not. I have this year to think about it.
Have a nice day,






  1. wow Saint Martins! yo tamb he pensado ir alli, aunq aun no se d que jajaja
    studio publi (aun me keda). supongo q algun master de publicidad en moda habra x alli... tiempo al tiempo. 2 carreras?
    sigo tu blog xxx

  2. haha! sii, la verdad es que me aptc muchisimo! tngo ahi a dos amigos mios y estan muy contentos! la verdad es q no se muy bien los cursos que hay...pero me gustaria hacer alguno de comunicación de moda o algo asi! hehe! no lo se muy bien...aun me queda este año para informarme y tal! xD! sii, hago dos! el año pasado acabe publicidad y RRPP y este año acabo investigacion y tecnicas de mercado! la verdad es que muy contento! :) espero qut tu tb todo genial! gracias por seguir mi blog, yo hago lo mismo con el tuyo! hehe! xoxo!

  3. Yes!
    great face
    + cross jewelry!
    + on your shots and name :)
    thank u for your comments :)

  4. Lovely grimaces, I too love game by the face!!!)))
    Amusing you the guy, it is excellent!!!))) a super post and a blog)))